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Government To Tax Us Blog

It's a bad news for the Business Online.that news is "Blog Site and will be tax!", I Get Info from Pajak Online

According Kusmayanto Kardiman, State Minister Research and Tehnologi (Mersitek), the high growth Private blogs are used as a means of sale and purchase, from the campaign to market goods as new opportunities to attract tax.

But I pemeritah government should not attract tax, because it will disrupt the way in Indonesia Business Online, Since most of the Indonesian businessman who was still a beginner perbulannya income is still less than 1 million a month when exposed to the tax revenue they will be reduced again and make the online business beginner to be lost because the passion of those who have small earnings.Bukankah that hamper the development of Indonesia Business Online?

Moreover the government of Indonesia, including the government indifferent to the development of Online business, not the government we never tried to promote Indonesian Business Online?! And after the business Online is quite grow Government offhanded interesting Number of hard work the business of Online resistant air.Internet Infrastructure indonesia is also far behind when compared with other countries, the Indonesian businessman must struggle with limited infrastructure and the slow speed internet (speed badwitch indonesia far behind from other countries) but what the government wishes that we are interesting for the business tax Online?! With The Number To Blog Site and the Government to make our business that are Difficult Online Add Becoming Difficult

Moreover, the tax paid by business Online is used for what?To fatten the corruptor?

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